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Fun in the Junkyard

Hey guys.

Here's the transcription of a great role play I had the other night with a couple of fellow members of the board. If you are NOT attracted by older muscle men, inhumanly sizes, proportions, freakishly growth and humongously huge cocks, well...go find yourself a suitable story, because this stuff is for the lovers of the FREAK side.

That being said, I just wanted to let you know I already have a few ideas for sequels, maybe the next time we are lucky to time our schedules we'll be able to develop those, until then...I hope you like this first part.


Fun in the Junkyard

Mad Dog: I'll be Henry, 25 years old. 5'10" and 160 average lbs. Short brown hair, blue eyes and glasses.

muscl4life: So Henry works at a junk yard, not a particularly exciting place to work, especially in one lazy afternoon, suddenly he hears some heavy loud motors, and he just felt somewhat excited for having new customers would arrive, though he never expected what would follow after.

rdalrt2: *Cassidy was perched atop his most prized possession, his tuned and modified Harley. It was loud, fast, and powerful enough to pull his 7'3", 840-pound bulk. He was wearing dark sunglasses and a suit of leather riding clothes*

Mad Dog: Henry's jaw drops as he sees this stud ride in. Regular human beings didn't look like this! And when he managed to take his eyes off of that mind-bending physique, the motorcycle the man was riding was pretty phenomenal, too. "...Nice bike..." he managed to squeak out.

rdalrt2: *Cassidy smirked as he killed the engine, his clean-shaven but somewhat weathered face looking nicely tanned from the sun-parched highway* Thanks.

Mad Dog: Finally regaining control of his mind, Henry says, "H-how can I help you today?"

muscl4life: Right as his side another massive hunky Latino daddy - at 6'7" tall and 770 pounds of massive muscle, the shoulders on that massive mature man were just gigantic. The guy had salt and pepper hairy, short hair on the top of his head, and he wore just jeans and boot. The shorter huge muscle men looked at Henry, and then back at his companion, and both of them chuckled. "Good, afternoon boy, I am Fred and this is my partner Cassidy, and you are?"

Mad Dog: "Henry, sir," he replied. He didn't know why he added the "sir," but it felt right.

muscl4life: "Nice to meet you Henry, my boy, so...we were just passing by and we really admired your junk yard, there are a lot of cool stuff here...we were wondering how much it would cost for us the place for the rest of the afternoon."

Mad Dog: "Rent the place? What do you mean? What could you possibly need a whole junkyard for?" he asked, completely bewildered and caught off guard by these two behemoths.

rdalrt2: *Cassidy laughed and looked at Henry* Well, for guys like us, it's hard to find stuff that'll give us a decent workout!

Mad Dog: "You... you need to use the junkyard to pump up?!" he asked, almost rhetorically. "Well, shit... I guess a couple hundred should do it..."

muscl4life: "Yeah, Henry, you have some really cool parts here, and we are in the need of working our muscles, you know...they just beg to have some great pump. Besides, we will get you a good deal…What do you say about 400 dollars to let us wander around and try our luck huh? We promise not to make overwhelmingly huge damages..."

Mad Dog: "S-sounds like a deal..." he stutters, looking at the overabundance of muscle contained within the leather the two muscle monsters wore."Knock yourselves out." He went to go put a closed sign at the entrance of the junkyard so they wouldn't be disturbed.

muscl4life: Fred just smiles and approaches the little man and pets his shoulder "Well, you can stick around after all no one knows this place better than fact you could help us there any SUV's in the area? You know Cassidy wanted to show you a trick he learned a lot of years ago when he worked as the Circus Strongman right pal?"

rdalrt2: *Cassidy grinned and sauntered into the junkyard, laughing* Screw the SUVs, I wanna find a junked semi or something.

muscl4life: "you heard the man, Henry, show him the goods and he will show him his trick..." Fred said as he noticed the boner inside the guy's pants and he liked the possibilities.

Mad Dog: "Oh, well, we received one a few weeks back," he said, showing them to a nearly complete semi. It looked huge and heavy.

muscl4life: Fred and Cassidy approach the place and the shorter massive muscle man just rubs his huge paws at the body of his partner "come on, dude, show the little man a hint of what you can do" he said squeezing the huge butt on Cassidy.

rdalrt2: *he laughs* Well I may need a bit to warm up first...*he walks over to one of the tires on the truck and grips it, growling as he strains a bit, tearing the tire off the axel and lifting it over his head a few times* Grrr!

Mad Dog: Henry's cock was hard in his pants. "Whoa!! How does someone get that strong!?"

muscl4life: "Oh come on,'re stronger than that..." Fred smiles as he easy picks an old car and easily lifts it from the ground and balances it at the tip of his finger and simply held it there, "Look at this muscle Henry, see how it bulges? See the veins on my biceps? Shit...I have one 45" massive gun...come on and feel it kid..."

Mad Dog: "Y-you sure you want me to?" Henry asked, completely intimidated by the behemoth's size, but walked over anyways and put a trembling hand on that inhuman boulder of a bicep.

rdalrt2: *Cassidy laughed* Ah, I'm just screwing around...but it'll take me a minute to work up to this semi! *he looks around and finds a few crushed compact cars* Perfect! *he crouches and grabs two, one in each hand, and starts to juggle them!*

muscl4life: "Ooh yeah boy...feels good…feels fucking're getting harder huh? No problem at all...i like seeing good boys hard for my muscles..." Fred then start lifting the vehicle and easily crushing it with his knuckles and hands like it was made of tin foil "Shit, that car is so easy to bend, i preferred when cars were made out of harder steel.

Mad Dog: "You... you guys are gay?" he asks, blushing. "You don't mind that... I think you're attractive?"

muscl4life: "He really think we wouldn't like the fact that such nice young boy lusts after our muscles?" Fred suddenly walks closer to the boy and shows him the result of his masterpiece "See, we love to show off and see the guys hard for our muscles...look at this..." Fred had made a huge ball of scrap metal and threw it over 300 feet away in the huge pile of scrap. Then, he looked at the smaller guy and grinned, picking him in his massive hairy arms "So...Henry...why don't you get naked for us huh? I'd love to see your boner for my muscles"

rdalrt2: *Cassidy grins, now tossing three cars in the air like they were toys* Yeah, I'd like to see it too...we'll take off our clothes as well.

Mad Dog: Henry was a bit shocked. He was still a virgin and hadn't gotten naked for anyone before! But he desperately wanted this, and took off his clothes, showing his thoroughly unspectacular body. "...Sorry it doesn't look as good as yours," he apologized.

muscl4life: "Oooh no, it's just perfect" Fred says handling the indeed big manhood of the boy "Very good, uncut, thick and hefty, grade A beef...and your balls are also huge boy. I can only imagine you are a very proactive young man huh? I mean you obviously love to jerk this big cock of yours..." Henry notices both the huge muscle men were indeed looking at him like two hungry wolves staring at their prey.

Mad Dog: "Well yeah, but I haven't jerked it to anything as good looking as you two," he blushed.

rdalrt2: *Cassidy grinned wide, tossing the cars away* Mmm, he looks like a virile kid...*he grips his leather jacket and unzips it, tossing it away, revealing his massive, hairy chest and firm middle, domed out with muscle*

muscl4life: " heard that Cassidy? The boy loves to jerk off, why you don’t give him a show...meanwhile..." Fred just grins as he lifts the boy and engulfs the cock of Henry and starts sucking him very sensually.

Mad Dog: "Oh... oh fuck..." he moans. Fred was giving him the blow job he'd always wanted! His tongue and lips seemed to be extremely experienced, giving him just enough pleasure, keeping him from blowing his load too early.

muscl4life: Fred moans as the boy convulses and twists in his mouth, feeling such intense pleasure and the excitement of the situation. "Come on Cassidy..the boy here tastes that thing you like...lift that crane over there...i wanna see that big butt of yours spreading and flexing...

rdalrt2: *Cassidy grins wide, flexing his 48" biceps for the boy* You like this muscle, Henry?*he goes through several poses, walking over and smashing your face in-between his smelly, hairy pecs*

Mad Dog: He inhaled that intoxicating musk, feeling the biker's fur rustle over his face as well as the hardness of those masses of muscle. "MMmmmffff... so fucking big and strong... so sexy..."

muscl4life: Right then, as Henry finally had enough, his cock simply unloaded the precious man juice down Fred's mouth, and the huge muscle daddy just inhaled and moaned heavily, he used his huge hands to squeeze Henry’s balls and to milk the cock as the volleys of cum hit his tongue, the powerful taste of his manhood suddenly had a sudden effect on Fred. The hairy daddy just sucked the cum out of Henry’s body and then when the boy was finally dry, he just stood up and grinned "Yeah, great stuff Cass...great stuff...oh fucking good!' Fred said as his muscles were literally bulging and getting even harder and wider, thicker and more powerful, the veins popping on his body "YEAH...It works beautifully, buddy!" Henry was shocked as he noticed Fred was growing.

rdalrt2: *Cassidy grunted, grinning wide* Mmmmr. Looks like he's a REAL potent boy! Gimme a turn at his tap there, stud...*he nudges Fred aside and starts to suck Henry's cock firmly*

Mad Dog: "What the... mmmff... what's happening to you?!" Henry exclaimed, trying to think while his cock was getting a blow job just as amazing as the last. In fact, Fred seemed to still be swelling, growing bigger and bigger!

muscl4life: "yeah on a moment... let me just enjoy this here okay? You had the most benefit of those twins in just let me…ohh fucking this Henry, are you seeing all this muscle growing boy?" The muscle daddy said as he flexed and felt his own body growing, Fred laughed as his muscles expanded, finally he just walked towards Cassidy, carrying the overwhelmed boy in his arms. "Wow...can you believe the potency on this guy? I am already bigger than you and only took one dose" Fred says as he is now 7'5" tall and 1200 pounds of super hard and denser hairier muscles and his jeans ripped revealing a massive 15" long cock.

Mad Dog: And that cock wasn't even hard yet! "Oh my fucking god, what's going... ahhh... onn.... MMMFFFF!!!" he groaned, easily giving up another load to Cassidy.

rdalrt2: Mmmfff...*he gulps down the cum eagerly, growling, massaging Henry's ass and nuts to get as much seed as he can* Mmmm...*he wipes his mouth when Henry's done cumming, and stands up, grunting as he feels the heat of his own change go through him* Hrrfff...oh yeahhh...! This guy's GOOD!

muscl4life: "So...Henry let me show you...something really cool!" Fred walked to a pile of containers, there were a total of 5 ones stacked on the top of another, so he just casually walked and grinned, squatting down and groaning his muscles bulging and flexing, the thick muscles just expanding as he lifted the total weight of thousands and thousands of pounds “Oh yeah...oh yeah...feels so good, can you see it Cassidy, the power is so fucking raw and intoxicating!" Fred said as he lifted the humongous weight off the ground and hoisted it over his head.

Mad Dog: "Oh god! That hast to be like four tons!!!" he exclaimed.

muscl4life: "Come on Cassidy, let me see what this boy did for your monstrous size...come on...let me see it..oh're looking massive, bud!"

rdalrt2: *Cassidy groans as his leather pants start to stretch and tear from his expanding bulk, his fat 18" cock flopping out over orange-sized nuts, the huge man panting from the feelings as he grows bigger and bigger, finally leveling out at 7'7" and 1350 pounds* GRRRR!!!

Mad Dog: "I... I'm the one that did this to you?! How...?" Henry asked, bewildered, aroused and wanting answers.

muscl4life: "Oh yeah....buddy, doing really good..." Fred just grins and tosses the enormous pile of containers away, the loud sound of the weight falling on the ground, creating a huge dust cloud. Fred just hugs Cassidy and kisses him hardly and feels the body of the bigger daddy "I told you this boy had me a favor and give him a taste of your works better than Viagra and will make his cum more potent, I wanna see what his cum can do once it is slightly activated.

rdalrt2: *he grins, the giant muscle titans rubbing each other and kissing* Mmmf...yeah...*he walks over to Henry and picks him up, stuffing his face into the cavern on his sweaty pit, holding him there as he sucks in the musk*

Mad Dog: "Mmmmffffuck!!" he moans in a muffled voice, the heady aroma of Cassidy's musk clouding his thoughts as he sweat rolls into his open mouth.

muscl4life: "You see...Henry...we are special gentlemen...we get off on performing huge feats of strength for little guys like you, especially because when we drink your feeds our massive bodies better than food, supplements or we just need to find the right kind of boys, the ones with vigorous sexuality ready to explode, and that cum is our elixir.." Fred said as he flexed his now 50" inches guns "Of course...some guys are better than the others, and right now Cass is stimulating your organism to get even more aroused in order to produce cum faster...we will need more of your talent, so just consider yourself lucky and tell Pappa Fred what makes you REALLY horny, tell me your wildest fantasies..."

Mad Dog: Henry's cock was hard as a rock again, jutting up and out proudly, leaking more precum than he ever had in his life! "Oh, I... I wanna be held between two huge muscle guys like you! Completely surrounded by colossal muscle!!!" he cried out, so horny it nearly hurt.

rdalrt2: *he grins, holding him between himself and Fred, mashing him between their colossal shelf-like pecs and huge cocks*

muscl4life: Fred grinned "Well, Cass you heard the boy..." Fred said as he came closer his huge buddy and hugged him, pressing Henry in the middle of those humongous chests "Yeah...that feels good fact this is good because our both essences will be getting you even harder....besides...i can get to make out with this huge fucker..." Fred says as he reaches for the kisses of his giant counterpart. The pressure of such muscles surrounding his tiny body were the realization of his life. Fred just grinned and noticed Henry fitted perfectly between their humongous cleavages. "Hey Cassidy, why don't we trap the little guy between our biceps, just to make him feel how much more we want to grow?" Henry just moans as the daddies suddenly move his body up to be placed as the two giant boulders rose up.

Mad Dog: The two bulging masses of brawny muscle swell into him until he realizes he couldn't break free even if he wanted to! His cock is practically fountaning precum at this point. "Fuck.... I'm so close!"

rdalrt2: Hrrrfff...Shove your dick up his ass, Fred! Milk this little bastard's cum!

muscl4life: Fred just grinned and picked the boy in his arms and sucked his cock hard even before he came, the boy screamed and Fred just went quiet as he sucked the cum, he just sucked and sucked, there was no reaction at all, no grunting no moaning, Henry just came and came for such a long time Cass was indeed worried and impressed, finally, when the boy just screamed one final time, Fred almost dropped him, but his friend caught the little man just in time. Fred just seemed lost, his body was not just growing, the muscles were growing in loud, massive spasms, and he just started ballooning like never before, as he adjusted his shift Cass noticed his buddy was now a massive 9' feet tall 4500 pounds of humongous muscle, and he was now so much wider, his body totally engulfed Cass's monstrous size.

rdalrt2: *Cassidy shudders and starts to leak pre, staring up at his giant lover* Holy shit! Fred! Yer getting so HUGE!!

Mad Dog: "Bigger... get bigger..." Henry weakly implored, feeling drained in the arms of Cassidy.

muscl4life: "Shit...Cass...i can feel it...fucking molten lava..." Fred says as he flexes his 70 inches biceps and notices how his companion went wild "Yeah...worship me, Cass...worship me as I...take care of our boy...I
hope you are not done yet...Henry..." Fred moans as he kisses the boy's head. "We just need our source to feel extra horny...and for this...I think I have the best way to give the energy he needs...come on Henry..." Fred says as his huge chest, each nipple bigger than the biggest cock he had seen before he met those daddies "Drink up this man milk and feel yourself becoming a wildcat so horny you will get!"

Mad Dog: He tentatively started suckling on one of those huge nips and before long, thick, creamy milk flowed into his mouth and down his throat. Within an instant, his cock rebounded, growing big and hard again, hornier than ever!

rdalrt2: Mmmf! *Cassidy grinned and grabbed onto Fred's other nipple, sucking down his thick manmilk* Mmmmrrff...gets me so horny!

muscl4life: Fred just grinned "Well buddy get ready for the load of your life!" The huge muscle man simply said as he inserted his cock inside the butt of Henry who screamed and begged to cum "So...Cass...I am giving you an earlier X-mas gift..." The huge man said as he motioned the companion to kneel down and clam his mouth onto Herny's cock "Just pay attention, once he starts cumming...don't stop sucking until he is totally dry, this guy is so hard and excited I am gonna pump so much cum into his ass he will just blow his biggest load...." Fred said as he moved his butt and made his cock twisted inside Henry and sent the guy into cloud 9

Mad Dog: Henry was so horny it didn't take much to send him into an orgasmic frenzy, overwhelming Cassidy's mouth with his seed. His cock kept blasting its potent loads, uncaring as to whether or not its recipient could handle it or not!

rdalrt2: *he groaned, swallowing down every blast of cum that the little man could give up!*

muscl4life: Fred's eyes widened as he noticed Cassidy growth, it was just massive and superb, he just massaged the little boy in his hands "You are pure gold, Henry..pure nitro..."

Mad Dog: Henry was nearly passed out from the amount of pleasure he had experienced. He was limp in-between the two behemoths, his large cock softening, still dripping cum. "Oh man... I can't believe all of this..."

muscl4life: "Believe it, Henry...look at the monument you've created, look at Cassidy..shit..I’ve never seen such monster in 80 years!"

Mad Dog: "E-eighty years?!" Henry exclaimed. "Just how old are you two???"

muscl4life: Fred grins "Well...I am only 117 but Cassidy...he's over 150 that motherfucker...and look at him Shit Cass, you are the man, my fucking huge lover!" Fred said as he shouted and came closer to the titanic daddy "Shit...buddy, you are superb!"

Mad Dog: "But...but how is this possible? You guys don't look so old, and your bdoies...fuck they're the strongest and most vigorous ever..."

muscl4life: "All because of the wonders of the youthful man juices like yours, my little friend, and it only gets better...with the help of you and the others like you, guys like me and Cass over there will never stop growing stronger and more powerful..and speaking of that..." Fred moaned as he felt Cassidy's body went into another explosive surge of muscle growth.

rdalrt2: *Cassidy stood up and shuddered as the cum started to change his body, making him swell bigger and bigger, his colossal body stretching taller and wider!* GRRAAAAHH!

rdalrt2: *his gargantually huge physique seemed to enlarge without end, passing the 13 feet tall, and the 9 feet wide mark, that monstrous daddy had to be weighing over 10 thousand pounds! He flexed his 120" biceps and snarled* HRF! Yeah, look AT THIS MUSCLE, little men!

muscl4life: Fred just went wild, his own cock exploded in ecstasy yet another time inside of Henry's ass, the outgrown muscle monster just saluted his much bigger companion, by taking their precious little found carefully in his arms. "Shit, buddy, you are so fucking MASSIVE, oh I sooo wanna ride that cock of yours when we get to the Haven. So, Cass...what do you say? This one's a keeper huh?"

rdalrt2: "Fuck yeah he's a keeper!" Cassidy said as he flexed his own muscles and grabbed the enormous nearly 3 feet long cock with his huge hands, the balls have augmented immensely and they now haung lower on his enormous ballsac "'re gonna have to work extra hours to empty those balls..."

Mad Dog: "P-please... take me with you! I'll make you as big as I can, I swear!!!" Henry begged. These two were everything he'd ever hoped for. Who cared if they were just using him to grow bigger? He was willing to be reduced to that for the chance of being near these colossal giants.

muscl4life: "Don't worry buddy, I know you will love the Haven...the Brothers will love your talents and you will the fucking star of our alcove, fuck if you have so much potential just as you are imagine when we start giving you all the stuff those other feeders have taken...shit Cassidy we might have found the key to become the Alpha brothers in the Fraternity."

rdalrt2: "Shit even you are much bigger than the Alphas now, Fred...that guy's seed is totally gold, he just changed the balance of Power...I am just dying to let they notice our new sizes..."

Mad Dog : "Are there...more like you guys?" Henry asked, with his mind suddenly overwhelmed by the most sensual imagery of huge muscle daddies sucking on his cock.

rdalrt2: "Let's just say we are members of the most exclusive club ever!" Cassidy said as he looked at the little man. "Mrrf...I wonder how big he can grow us before his cum stops making us bigger, hehe!"

Mad Dog: " it doesn't last for ever? You guys...will just have to look for other guys and forget all about me?" Henry suddenly feared for his future.

muscl4life: "Oh...don't worry little fella..once your cum stops working our bodies...then you will start your own way as a Grower...and after that your life will definitely become amazing!" Fred said as he massaged the little guy " come on, you will walk with us, we both don't fit our bikes anymore...and besides, I bet you don't care for your previous life anyway...welcome to the Brotherhood..." Fred said as the monsters exited the junk yard.

To be continued (?)(
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Now that's what I call fun!!! What a fantastic series this could spawn.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Someone should transpose this into a regular story.
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Defiently this was hot
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